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About Us

Excellence and Professionalism

Systems Pest Management was established in 1983, prompted by concerns over the hazardous nature of pesticides used in urban pest control, frequent malpractice, public and industry misinformation and growing human and environmental contamination problems. As an organisation we are presenting to industry and the public an effective and viable alternative business model based on a unique low hazard, integrated approach to pest management. Protocols have been, and continue to be, developed that introduce holistic strategies for pest management which minimise the use of chemicals and maximise the effectiveness of pest management.


Our vision is to be the most effective and thorough Integrated Pest Management business in Australia. We will achieve this by:

  • Being excited about the difference we can make by inspiring one another, and the broader community, with brilliant, innovative ideas and solutions

  • Having a core commitment to maintain and improve environmental sustainability and social integrity

  • Using our knowledge of new methods and products to increase our effectiveness to the benefit of our team, the community and environment.

Personalised Approach

Our Team

Our team includes university trained consultants operating from our central office in Sydney.


Our Book

In 1990 Systems published the book “Building Out Termites – A Manual for Environmentally Responsible Control” that was applauded by experts throughout the country.



Systems has been used for professional opinion by numerous media:

  • Television

  • Radio

  • Print

Systems Pest Management is a working example of environmentally sustainable, socially responsible business.

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